Zak Reifsnider

I started my true love for fitness in the Marine Corps. The 6 years I served gave me the opportunity to work with and train people of all shapes and sizes. During those years physical fitness was a part of my job. That responsibility opened my eyes to how important it is to take ownership of your health. I honestly started like most, doing some form of strength training and bodybuilding. Once I left the Corp I was no longer required to go on runs, or do obstacle courses, or to grapple like we always did. This left me no longer feeling like the athlete I remember. I had always heard how fun and rewarding CrossFit could be. The funny part of the story is that my wife took her first class, and then came home and told me how much I would love it. So the next day I went in, and it was all the things I had missed about being in the Corps. Since that day I have been so lucky to have the opportunity to work with so many people and watch them overcome all kinds of huddles. Coaching CrossFit helped me find my calling, and I Love each and every time an athlete gets a new skill, or meets a nutrition goal, or simply makes a personal record. Those are the reasons I get out of bed in the morning.

Chris Arcure

Jacquie Calender

I moved to Michigan in 2010 from Seattle, WA. I have a natural love for the outdoors, and enjoy adventures involving fitness, family, and friends! When I’m not in the gym, you’ll probably find me exploring the woods with my ruck! In 2015, I became an ACE certified group fitness instructor, and dove into instructing cardio classes. In 2018, a friend invited me try CrossFit. The blend of cardio endurance and strength training quickly humbled me as an athlete. It was a challenge, and I loved it! I signed up right away. CrossFit is scalable to any and all fitness levels, and I love the community it brings together. It quickly became my passion, so I went for the CrossFit L-1 course in 2021, and started coaching at Mastodon!

Lydia Goodman

I have lived in Michigan my whole life and moved back to Monroe after living in Mount Pleasant and getting my Master’s in Human Development and Family Studies. My passion for fitness started in college when I began my journey to transform into a healthier version of myself. I am a certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, certified in Zumba, STRONG by Zumba, Zumba Kids, POUND, and personal training. I started CrossFit in 2019 and the variety and challenge of the workouts hooked me, but what I love the most is the supportive community and Mastodon is the best! When I’m not at the gym, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and going for walks with my dog, Maizy.

Casey McDowell

I grew up in Hudson, Ohio and played college basketball at Bowling Green State University. I was hired by Airport Community Schools to teach physical education and coach varsity basketball and I have now been here 17 years. I coach the Airport Girls golf team and run the junior golf program at Sandy Creek Golf Course. Three years ago I decided that sports and running weren’t enough for me anymore so I decided to give CrossFit a try at Mastodon. I instantly fell in love with the camaraderie, the challenge, and the people of this gym. Helping kids through fitness is my passion and that’s why I love coaching our Mastodon Mini’s!