Rules of Engagement

Community first

Arrive early, stay late. Cheer, clap, and encourage others.

Check your ego at the door

You will be first in WODs and last. If you don't know, ask! Inform the coach of injuries. Be willing to try new things.

Show up consistently & work hard

Have fun, work hard, and take pride in what you accomplish every day! Effort earns respect.

Workout with integrity & purpose

No one cares what your score is or if you scale the workout. Everyone notices if you cheat. Be accountable to yourself.

Respect your gym

Don't drop empty barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells. Clean up after yourself. Speak up if something needs attention.

Let coaches coach

Encouragement is expected, coaching other athletes is not. Pay attention when the coach explains the WOD and movements.

We love your kids

We appreciate that you are modeling fitness and a healthy lifestyle for them. Keep them safe and off the floor.

No one is done until everyone is done

If you finish early, cheer others on! They will return the favor someday. Don't put away equipment until everyone is done.